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YIRA.ai is your health audit partner with the ability to securely store medical data and track your fitness and family history to provide personalized insights. YIRA.ai aims to deploy advanced predictive analytics to suggest lifestyle changes that diminish potential health risks. We bring what is relevant from the bottom line to the forefront, to create a measurable impact in shaping your life.
Why Yira?

Personalised health and wellness tracking and a complete view of clinical and non-clinical data and insights to provide healthcare practitioners and you an opportunity to engage health in a customised and organised way.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

We are a team of 100+ enthusiasts working towards a goal of revolutionising preventative healthcare.


Dr.Madhu Vasepalli

Dr.Madhu MDS, has an experience of 20+ years in technology and healthcare management.


Based in the USA, Dr. Manu MDS has 20+Years of experience in technology and healthcare management.

Syam Maradani

Syam is an architect with 25+ years of experience in software engineering and development with expertise in healthcare projects.

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