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Utilise our mobile application for health audits, lifestyle trackers, analytics, and much more, for an improved healthcare.

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"Yira.ai preserves health history, improves doctor-patient connect and facilitates organizations to get health insights."

Cloud Analytics Modernization

Secure by design, and Privacy prioritized. Keep your patient data safe with HIPAA compliant cloud storage.

Versatility in Application

Inherent Compliance – Adherent with global data protection regulations and data residency within your country

Full Customer Experience Service

Mobile application and web portal to monitor, gain insights, and store all your health-related information under one platform that serves as your healthcare and wellness partner.

Discover the value of health

Yira works for Normalizing, Categorizing, configuring health data into dynamic dashboards by providing visual analytics that are catered and customised to your needs.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Finding solutions for superior Healthcare outcomes

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